Mission of OneGod.Info

"To work with Gospel-Based Churches and help spread the message of God's Love. To provide current believers with content that can strengthen their faith and information that can be used to help spread the Word so that God can reach the non-believers.

About One God

One God Symbol

The symbol used by OneGod.info was custom created to correspond with our mission.

The cross in the middle is to signify that we are focused on spreading the Christian message and that Jesus Christ is our savior. The circle signifies the unity and wholeness of our One True God and the "triangle" is actually made of up 3 separate angles that form an equalateral triangle (all sides equal) in appearance and thus pay tribute to the Holy Trinity that together form the foundation of Christianity.

Color Scheme
We chose to use a green and blue color scheme to symbolize our belief in Christ on Earth while also recognizing our true citizenship is in Heaven. The blue is strategically shaded so that the darkest blue is at the bottom and top. This is designed to represent God in Heaven and inside us as our personal foundation.

Spreading God's Love
The symbol was custom designed for One God but we have purposely decided NOT to trademark it because God's Love cannot be trademarked! It is given to all of us and we hope that this symbol can serve as a reminder to everyone of God's Love! You are more than welcome to use this when talking about God or blogging about God. We are all open doors who can share His message. We do ask that you do NOT use the logo to profit. We hope that this symbol would only be used on items designed to allow for fundraising purposes so that the proceeds go to a church or Christian-based charity.

Structure of OneGod.info Project

OneGod.info was started by Chris Vaughan, the founder and CEO of the EBOSS Group and its subsidiary companies. The goal is to help spread the word of God to all people. Growing up Lutheran and now a member of a Baptist-affiliated church, Chris does not believe in one denomination over another. OneGod.info was formed to break down the denominational structure (after all, denomination basically means division) and focus on helping people learn about God's message as it was intended. Therefore, you will not see any focus on one denomination or another anywhere on this site.

The longterm goal is for OneGod.info to become a 501-c-3 that can help support churches and missionaries throughout the world. Since that takes time to structure, it is currently a project of the EBOSS Group, LLC (a for profit company). In the meantime, any revenue that is generated through OneGod.info goes directly to the mission. You read that correctly, revenue ... not proceeds. The EBOSS Group is committed to investing into OneGod.info as a way to help Gospel based churches. Accordingly, 10% of all revenue generated by the EBOSS Group goes to support this project and all revenue from the sale of an item using the OneGod.info logo goes directly to supporting churches and their missions.

If you have more questions about this structure, we are happy to talk with you. Please click here to send us an email.

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